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I'm Renee! I live in a cute little town in Western Australia where I let my imagination flow. I'm a jewellery designer/metalsmith, which I am fortunate is not only my occupation but also my passion! Here you will see my work and my other joys. :)

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Saturday, 31 May 2008

February dispeared in blue smoke

Or was is purple? Well, I think I have died and came alive, just from the smell of N.E.E.T. Magazine new issue (out this June). Of course, it does help that I have got an (over due, but never too late) new camera!

Whenever I receive something new, I take it everywhere, like a little girl and her doll. Sure, taking a camera everywhere is fine, "she's a photographer" or "enthusiastic tourist". I know people thought I was gemologist when I was carrying the rock I found all through the city. I know.

I had an unusual cleaning frenzy, and now everything looks as sweet as sugar cane! And the blurred background makes my feet look... swollen, lovely! At least it is framed with beauty - delightful new shoes I received in the mail the other day. They are from the lovely Sarah, they match just about everything, and the things they don't match, I make them. =P Thank you Sarah, and Wardrobe Swap Shop!


thetinylittlegirl said...

i'm the same as you with new things. i love to carry them around/wear them and show them off to everyone.

love your new shoes!

fleur_delicious said...

oh this is too funny, I was looking at this pic (again, I saw it in your flickr) and I thought, "Renee has cute new shoes!" *laugh* Sometimes I'm such a space cadet, I don't know how I function.

they look marvelous on you, I'm so glad you are enjoying them! And thanks for the kind words on the quilt! I don't know if I'll EVER try to do one of those again - they are so much work!