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I'm Renee! I live in a cute little town in Western Australia where I let my imagination flow. I'm a jewellery designer/metalsmith, which I am fortunate is not only my occupation but also my passion! Here you will see my work and my other joys. :)

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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

We Have Moved

Hi friends! :) I just wanted to let you know that I am moving (blogs!). Our new address is: www.the-pod.net. It will still hold Cocoa Pod announcements, as well other exciting things! :)

Hope to see you there soon!


Tuesday, 23 December 2008

"The Every Two Month's Blog"

Hi... remember me? I am the mystery girl who keeps popping in every two months to apologize for not blogging. The sad thing is, the main reason why is because I keep forgetting my password, and once I go through my 102 passwords, it sort of kills the creativity. The other reason is because I am too lazy to upload photos to the computer, and a blog post without photos is... boring.

Todays duty is to clean my studio which was sparkling clean only a few weeks ago.

I have got a parcel waiting for me at the Post Office, and I am dying to know what it is. If it is supplies, I will probably be making a mess of my studio all over again this afternoon. If it is my new shoes, I will be having an aching back all tomorrow. :p

Oh, and I am very proud, because I will be cooking a big-bulk dinner for tonight. It would last me a week, but alas, it will probably be finished within 3 hours by my 22-year old brother. Gobbling it down and not even tasting that it is a gourmet roast, that boy will. Squashes, capsicum, sweet potato, peanut pumpkin, egg plant, etc, etc… mmmm. I am normally a fresh salad and tofu or seafood kind of girl, but it is good to have a change.

Okay, toodles for now! See you in two months time! haha

**photos from my trip to brisbane**

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Where have I been?

It is 6:30. I usually wake up at 7:30, but at 6 o'clock I started thinking of all the things I need to do and that I haven't done! Don't you hate that? Well, anyways, I thought this morning was the perfect time to blog.

Good morning Starshine! The earth says "hello!" :)

I am sorry for my disappearing act! Although things have been crazy, I am alive and finally 'hacked' into my blog. I have 21 passwords, all unlike. My imagination surfs all depths.

Since I have been away here are some of things I have been up to:

1. I left WA for the first time, and on a plane too! I can say it was super fun now, but really, we went for a family emergency, and the few days that were a holiday were so disorganised it was sort out of my comfort zone. I am pleased to report that the emergency is on the mend! And Byron Bay (NSW), one of the places we visit, is now stocking a few of Cocoa Pod's wares via Studio Ravish. If you are ever there, ask for Cocoa Pod!

2. Because of the family emergency, I missed out on all the markets this year, but I am super prepared for next year. I even have what I think (*at the moment*) is a perfect display... but when the markets approach, I probably will change it completely! haha How it is now, I love it's creative dimension and elegance, but it really needs more height! Hmmm....! Whoo - watch out 2009 market elites!

3. People are still spreading the word of Cocoa Pod! Hello Australian Edge, hello Liza, hello Rae , hello Cindy, and hello the rest!

4. Perth people will be pleased to know that Precious Gifts (Midland) and Ware (Mout Lawley) is now stocking a big range of Cocoa Pod work! And a lot of the pieces found there have not entered my Website yet! I adore both stores and their owners! When all my money does not go towards Cocoa Pod, both places will be the first place to stop at.

5. I have slightly neglected my internet Cocoa Pod side by not doing many updates. Don't despair, though! I am working on a PROPER collection to be probably launched in June, with a 'proper' but little one to be launched in February. Both these will hit the website first! Collections will be launched bi-yearly, and I will be buying the supplies in bulk (if I can), so they will last a bit more than they are now.

6. The end of the year (now and next month) I am buying Cocoa Pod's 'new' and 'old' components in bulk, which is exciting, but also scary! I know I will use them all very quickly, and that is in an investment, but at the moment it feels like throwing a bunch of money in the milky wave.

7. I will be removing my work from Waroona, and possibly Beverly this month. They are lovely shops, and I am selling a bit, but I think the customers are too conservative for Cocoa Pod.

8. I have started to list a few things that are on my website on Etsy and Madeit, in prep. for the holidays.

That's all for now! I need breakfast!

Jewellery photos are from the unofficial September collection. Go to www.cocoa-pod.com to purchase.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

The Coffee Diet Trick

Yikes, 15 days later... although, it feels so much more. I didn't tell you before, but until about a week ago we have been helping a friend who was in great need, just about 24/7, so it has been hectic. I am slowly getting out that zombie/almost brain-dead mood. I'm SURE thats almost all thanks to the supplies have bought and I am finally receiving them, full of new and exciting beads that I am sure will thrill you soon too! The parcel made me so excited, I skipped my morning coffee and went straight into creating. The second day I received a parcel I did such a happy dance, that I sprained my ankle. I am such a dag!

By the way, elite people of this world, Ikea has a new catalogue! See the online version here.

Ikea makes me happy, I could spend a whole day there, even just window shopping and eating at their café.

But before I love and leave you, I must share with you this forgeous Bouquet by Australian designer and paper 'florist', Lilly Buds! It is truly stunning, don't you think? :)


PS: I'll do a further Cocoa Pod update later this afternoon, promise!

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

More past Press

Big or small; it's all appreciated!

Etsy Treasury :::::::::::::: Etsy Showcase
cocoapod featured in an Etsy treasuryEtsy Showcase - 2007

Bits Of Toffee :::::::::::::: Indie Voice
Bits Of Toffee_May08Indie Voice_Nov07

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

9th of Sept, photo diary

9th of Sept, photo diary9th of Sept, photo diary
9th of Sept, photo diary
Chocolate overtones, secrets, spring fusion, daydreaming...


Looking Back

Cocoa Pod as a babe at...

First Market

before v2

It's a lovely feeling looking back and seeing how much you have grown! Being the perfectionist that I am, it's embarrassing too. Speaking of perfection, I am learning that some things should not wait until it is 'perfect', because it never really is... or not for long. You always continue to grow and need larger 'clothes', 'food' and 'money', and I'm slowly accepting that.

Hooray for growth!