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I'm Renee! I live in a cute little town in Western Australia where I let my imagination flow. I'm a jewellery designer/metalsmith, which I am fortunate is not only my occupation but also my passion! Here you will see my work and my other joys. :)

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Thursday, 21 February 2008

Hi! I'm still here

*yawn* I just woke up, it's 8:30am - I guess my waking up early and going to bed early goal is not going to plan. :p Oh, and just about every night (thanks to Win television - which is a combination of 9 and 10, for you city slickers!) I am having Star Wars related dreams. Last night it was a nightmare. Am I a geek? =p

Speaking of goals, my goal list is STILL a draft, that is what happens when you get so excited about doing them that you forgot that the list is not finished. :p My studio is slowly, slowly starting to pull together.

my studio freshly painted last year

Have been sewing... designing... crafting... thinking! I had to up the amount of my (herbal) sleeping pills because my brain is racing with even more ideas now.

One of the themes I have been thinking about is pretty storage on a budget. I think that the average person would have everything they need to make it already, so that is a double yay for me, also even me who has only just started to sew is able to do it with ease, triple yay! Well, as soon as I learn how to write an understandable tutorial, I shall post it! It is basically 3 variations of one thing. :)

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