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I'm Renee! I live in a cute little town in Western Australia where I let my imagination flow. I'm a jewellery designer/metalsmith, which I am fortunate is not only my occupation but also my passion! Here you will see my work and my other joys. :)

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Monday, 2 June 2008

Tuesday, hello!

This morning I am going to the local silversmith studio I have a membership to. I should really be getting ready to go now, but my excuse is that I am having my coffee while on the computer, so I am not wasting any time. It doesn't take longer having my coffee while on the computer, Mum. Well, I like my coffee cold, Mum. ;)

A short note to say...

Goodbye, Style Bytes!

One of the first blogs I have ever read, Style Bytes aka Agathe, has decided to put the towel in. I forever admired her, and now I'll forever remember her. Agathe, you will now sit gracefully next to my childhood loss and memory,"Hey Hey, It's Saturday". :p

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