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I'm Renee! I live in a cute little town in Western Australia where I let my imagination flow. I'm a jewellery designer/metalsmith, which I am fortunate is not only my occupation but also my passion! Here you will see my work and my other joys. :)

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Thursday, 7 February 2008

Rain, rain, go away!

come again in winter time! :p Yeah, yeah it's great for the drought we're in, just not so good for taking photos (no one thinks about me :( haha). I *did* take this pic, though, this morning. And before my coffee, at that. Ah, so proud! ^_^


Three Red Hens said...

Great picture! You make me want to carry my camera more often.

Dharma Designs said...

Beautiful picture!

cricket said...

That is a beautiful picture.I found your blog through etsy. I have a quick question. How did you set up the subscribe to newsletter function in your sidebar?

lorenzstudio said...

Pretty picture!
Love your blog and your shop.

Sandra said...

Looking forward to seeing your studio, I am forever cleaning up my workroom and then I get busy designing and it just goes back to way it was.
We are getting so much rain as well here in sunny? Queensland.

Your Ill-fitting Overcoat said...

This photo is gorgeous. I love the aesthetic of your blog. Glad I stumbled across you! (If only I could remember how I got here...)